Tornado Cash Community Faces Governance Takeover: Attacker's Surprising Proposal

Discover how the Tornado Cash community grappled with a governance takeover, as an attacker gained control and threatened significant damage. Learn about the surprising turn of events when the attacker proposed returning governance control.

Tornado Cash Community Faces Governance Takeover: Attacker's Surprising Proposal

The Tornado Cash community was taken aback when an attacker gained control over its governance. This attacker wielded significant power, capable of causing immense harm by manipulating votes, draining tokens, and disrupting the entire system. In response to this alarming situation, a community member named Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex came forward with a proposal to mitigate the damage: urging everyone to withdraw their funds from the governance. However, doubts lingered regarding the effectiveness of this suggestion, considering the attacker's firm grip on control.

To everyone's astonishment, a few hours later, the attacker made contact with the Tornado Cash community, presenting a new proposal. Their claim was unexpected—the intention to relinquish governance control. Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex promptly shared this development with the community, cautiously optimistic that the attacker might follow through with their words.

Community Response

Within the community, opinions varied. Some members held hope that the attacker had genuinely experienced a change of heart. However, skeptics suspected a ulterior motive—a strategy to artificially inflate the value of the TORN token before making a swift exit. Despite these reservations, the community found themselves compelled to comply with the attacker's plan, as alternative options were nonexistent.

It is important to acknowledge that the first quarter of 2023 has seen a decline in the number of crypto hacks. Nevertheless, history has taught us the perils of complacency. In 2022, a surge in hacks occurred following a period of relative calm.

Currently, the Tornado Cash community treads cautiously, navigating this precarious situation with a mixture of hope and vigilance. Their collective desire is for the best possible outcome, but they remain acutely aware of the need to remain on guard

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