Introducing the Nailwal Fellowship: Empowering Early-Stage Web3 Builders

Discover the Nailwal Fellowship, a program designed to empower and support early-stage Web3 builders. Join a diverse and innovative community of builders, leverage cutting-edge technology, and accelerate your journey towards success. Learn more about the program and how it's shaping the future of Web3 today

Introducing the Nailwal Fellowship: Empowering Early-Stage Web3 Builders

Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, together with Symbolic Capital, their venture capital firm, has launched the Nailwal Fellowship program. This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide crucial support to early-stage builders transitioning from Web2 to Web3. With the crypto startup investment landscape experiencing a slowdown, the Nailwal Fellowship addresses the associated risks of venturing into the Web3 space. Unlike conventional funding models that focus on teams, this fellowship program uniquely focuses on individuals, even those in the initial stages of exploration without a fully formed idea. Selected participants will receive significant financial support of $50,000 from Nailwal's personal funds, empowering them to dive into Web3 innovation.

Mentorship and Equity Opportunities: In addition to financial support, Nailwal Fellows will receive invaluable mentorship from Symbolic Capital, gaining access to their extensive founder and investor networks. An exceptional feature of this fellowship is the opportunity it offers builders who establish companies within a year after completing the program. Nailwal and Symbolic Capital will request a $50,000 Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) and token warrant, ensuring investors secure equity under favorable terms.

Application and Selection Process: Interested individuals can apply for the Nailwal Fellowship program from May to early June each year. Following the application period, interviews will be conducted in late June to determine the ten participants for that year's cohort. The program runs from August to January, allowing builders to immerse themselves in an enriching journey of growth and innovation.

Fueling Web3 Innovation: Symbolic Capital, which was established the previous year, announced a substantial $50 million fund in August, dedicated to supporting early-stage Web3 projects. With the introduction of the Nailwal Fellowship, Sandeep Nailwal and Symbolic Capital aim to nurture and empower individuals exploring the vast potential of Web3 technology and its transformative applications.

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